Katharina Kölln Showcases Her Cozy House In The Countryside Of Germany

Katharina Kölln is a 32-year-old freelance artist artist, content creator and prospective author. She has been married to her childhood sweetheart Roman for ten years. “Together with my husband Roman and our two cats Teddy Bear and Minnie Mouse we live in our cozy little house, which we are renovating ourselves at the same time in the middle of the countryside near Nuremberg.” she states about her house and family. She says; “Issues such as sustainability and animal welfare are very important to us, so we live vegan and as environmentally friendly as possible. With my posts in social media, I want to inspire my community to lead a mindful and creative life. To show more respect for our planet and all living beings in it. And to create a cozy and friendly home.” She loves warm, saturated colors and the vintage style. She is enthusiastic about plants of all kinds. Flowers, plants, trees, fruit, vegetables and nature in general. All of this is reflected in her work accordingly. As an artist, she prefers painting with watercolor and gouache colors, but she is currently discovering acrylic and oil by herself. Otherwise, lettering and journaling are still part of her creative everyday life. “Do you need a nice photo for your website, your online shop or, for example, for a flyer? I would be happy to photograph your dream motif for you! From furniture to nature, everything is possible. It is important for me that it fits me and my topics, because I only advertise products that I have been able to convince myself of.” she states in her website. Today, we showcase some of beautiful photos of her house which reflects her lifestyle and artistic side. Get inspired!