Top Product Photography Hacks

Making an online e-commerce store is not enough; you need to have stunning photos of your merchandise. There are platforms available online that helps you build a fully functional e-commerce store easily. For photography, you can hire a professional photographer to perform well-calculated magic. But, if you have a tight budget, you can do this by following the Toronto product photography hacks.

Right Light is a necessity

Light is very important in photography; we prefer to use natural light as it works best for any type of photo. We prefer taking a photo in the early afternoon for best results. Actually, the light is uniformly distributed at that time of the day.

There are two different types, the hard and soft shadows. The soft shadows are created when the light source is larger than the subject and the hard shadows created when the subject is smaller than the light source. We recommend you to go for soft shadows as it gives the best results and more details of the subject. There are certain ways to do it like attaching a white tape to the flash of the camera. The benefit of it is that the light equally distributed on all the parts of the object.

White Background

We often see the photos of the product with white background. The main reason for this is that it helps focus only on the product. You can easily do this by putting a white paper in the background for a pleasant and clean look on the subject. When taking the photo, make sure that the product is in the center of the image for viewer’s attention.

Change the Angles

Always change the angle while taking photos. Try to use different angles, you never know which angle will look good. But keep it in mind that you need to reveal the shape, size, and quality of the product. The quality photo can tell a lot about your product and can help you make more sales. Every unique point has its own story to tell.

Try Not to Blur the Image

When you are taking the photo of a product, try to steady the camera as a little movement can blur the image. A tripod can help take a steady photo. if you have a tight budget, you can get a cheap tripod from the market. Sometimes the cheapest things can also make a difference. It helps take you a sharper and more detailed photo. You can also use the built-in timer of the camera to maximize the accuracy.

Scale is Important

The sense of scale is very important in photography. You need to scale it properly to help the viewer, view the whole product. Sometimes, a photo does not reveal the size of the product. For this, you can use a familiar item with the product, so the viewer can guess the size of the product.

Try to Show More

Some websites use a single photo and mention in the details that the product is also available in other colors. It is not recommended, as the people want to see how it will look in blue or green color. So if you have the product available in different colors, try to fit them too in the photo. Take a photo of the product with a variety of colors to make the product richer and more attractive.

Try to Avoid Using the Delete Button

The delete button is there in your camera, but avoid using it. Maybe the photo, you have taken looks unattractive on the camera screen but be patient until you download them to your computer. Review them on a big screen and then decide which photo will look good.

Avoid Using Filters for Product Photography

Some people use different filters to make the photo more attractive and stylized. The filters are not recommended for the product photography. They can be easily noticed and it reduces the trust of the buyer. So, keeping the photo natural and simple is the best way to go.

Edit Before You Upload

Taking photo is the first step; the second step is to edit the photo. Most of the people choose different sizes such as small, large and medium for their site. You do not need special skills to edit your pictures. There are some simple software’s that can help you edit a photo without any problem.

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