Danish Photographer Captures The Best Examples Of Landscape Genre

Tobias Glud is a landscape photographer based in Denmark. He graduated in Visual Communication from KADK in 2015, and has since specialized in conceptual photography and video. “Through my studies I have learned to treat every photo like a little piece of art. I want my photos to tell a story, and awake emotions in the viewer. I don’t believe that studies necessarily make a better photographer, designer, etc. It’s all about passion, doing what you love, doing it as much as possible and the most important part, having fun while doing it. The Royal Danish Academy was for me about finding my own way, learning the design rules so I could forget them and start experimenting, finding new angles, ways and solutions to solve problems.” he says in one of his interviews. He loves the natural light, as well as the elements of city life and nature. He thinks they add something quite unique to photography and video. “I am deeply fascinated by nature and the melancholy expression of city life. It evokes emotions and is very special to take pictures and video in fog, rain, in the woods or on the beach at sunset. It is in these surroundings that I express myself best as a photographer. This is where I feel at home, and here together we capture the momentous moments through the lens.” he states on his website, and adds this; “I want to inspire people to go out into nature. Life is an adventure that must be lived now, follow on my blog or on Instagram @eaventyr and find inspiration for your next nature or city experience.” He is such an inspirational photographer for the ones who love nature and cityscapes. We highly recommend you follow him on Instagram to stay tuned with his impressive images. Now just scroll down and have a look at our selection of his best captures.