Vibrant And Energetic Home Interior Design by Bernadette Lim

Bernadette Lim is the creative name behind this “colorful tropical granny chic boho eclectic home”, as she defines it. This artist mom inherited the place from her parents ten years ago, just a few days before her wedding and started to pour her creativity inside of it. It is an ideal playground for the talented lady with its brilliant layout, high-ceiling, with an open living and dining room and an attic space. In her interview with Metro.Style, she stated that it was a childhood dream come true. It now has a gazebo which is used as a homeschool room for their kids, a tiny pool, a guest room, a poolside bath and an art room. The murals on the walls are the most attractive and eye-catching art pieces of this outstanding place which are handpainted by Bernadette. “Our home interior was always inspired by the kids and what I think will make them happy. It is continuously changing as the kids grow older. I want them to dream, learn, create, and be inspired by what they see everyday,” the mom says. The home interior includes her favourite items from crochets, embroideries to enamels and florals. That’s the way she tells her story using the layout of her living space which showcases a composition of various different pieces. She says; “Honestly, I am overwhelmed by the response I am getting from people all over the world. I love that by doing what I am passionate about, I get to contribute to society. I want to inspire and that is what keeps me going.” If you are looking for ways to spice up your own place, her feed is just for you. Have a look at our selection of images of her house then visit her Instagram feed for more.