Tips on How to Level up Your Party Bus Experience

Many people who rent party buses in New Jersey have one thought: booze. And while they’re the go-to mode of transport for bachelor parties, proms, and birthdays, there’s so much more that they can offer.

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How to Make Your Party Bus Experience Fun

1. Make Your Reservation Early

The best party bus companies in New Jersey always have a packed calendar. To ensure you won’t end up with an outdated party bus, make your reservations a few months in advance.

Confirm the reservation a few weeks before your event date. Planning early helps to prevent last-minute glitches.

2. Give the Party a Theme

Giving the event or party a theme is a great way to spice it up. If the party has a guest of honor, consider what they would like the most, and make this the official party bus theme.

You can turn any idea into a theme. Great ideas include:

  • Masquerade
  • Decade themes (70’s, 80’s, 90’s)
  • Disco
  • Sports team theme

3. Decorate the Party Bus

Once you have chosen a theme, you should get the bus decorated. The decorations should match the chosen theme.

You can use banners, streamers, and balloons to give it a facelift. The best thing about these decorations is that they’re easy to tape up and remove without causing any damages.

4. Plan Fun Activities

You’re guaranteed to have a great time whenever you hit the road with a few mates and a boatload of drinks. But why not make it a night to remember by throwing in a few more activities?

Excellent examples include:

  • Quiz night
  • Karaoke
  • Art attack
  • Dance party

5. Board Games

Board games are a good idea whenever you’re in search of new ways to have fun while on the road. All you need is a table and a set of board games.

Ensure the board games will satisfy the taste of all the guests.

6. Plan for Refreshments

A party bus is intended to act as a party house on wheels until the guests arrive at the actual party.

It, therefore, makes sense to plan for refreshments. Don’t assume that the party bus company will cater to all your refreshments needs.

7. Invite as Many People as Possible

Before looking for a party bus to hire, you should note that every party bus is unique in its own right.

Some can accommodate as many as forty people, depending on the type of party you have in mind.

8. Hold a Dance Off

If you’ve planned properly, you’ll already know the type of music system that the company has installed in the party bus even before it has arrived.

Dance your way to the party venue as you take part in all kinds of dance contests.


You have just learned eight tips you can use to level up your party bus experience. Renting a party bus isn’t all about boozing the night away.

There’re tons of things to do with friends, provided you begin your preparations weeks in advance. Make sure also to plan out the route to follow.