The Importance of Performing Arts in Education


Irrespective of the call for other aspects of education such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to be properly integrated into colleges, there is also an important need for learning arts. Performing arts schools’ students definitely have an advantage over those who do not offer performing arts.

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Performing arts is an essential aspect of arts education, and it is known to provide performing arts schools students the chance to provide engagement for the emotions, body and mind, into a co-operative manifestation of the human nature.

The importance of performing arts in education are listed below:

  1. Critical reflection: One of the benefits which performing arts schools come with, is giving students the chance to imbibe essential life skills by becoming acquainted with the necessity attached to feedback, including the positive and constructive. The importance of art also comprises the place of privacy, where students can take out ample time to think and meditate properly, without any form of disturbance from the environment around them.

It would interest you to know that this critical reflection helps in enhancing the mental health wellness of college students. This is due to the fact that they engage in self-reflection, which is beneficial for them, and is also a necessary skill for life after they leave college.

  1. Collaboration: Another importance of arts education to college students, is the spirit of collaboration. We live in a world where it is difficult to succeed all by yourself. We need people at all phases of our lives, and our success cannot be achieved without collaboration in the picture.

Hence, performing arts schools will teach college students how to collaborate in all aspects of their school life, when it comes to creating, writing or even performing. It also serves as the ideal answer when people ask “what is performing arts, and its benefits?”.

Students who have collaborative skill will find it easier to work with their colleagues in order to achieve their set goals, especially when it comes to schoolwork. In learning arts, collaborative skill is best learnt, as it becomes difficult to learn when they are outside their rehearsal space.

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  1. Creativity: People who do not know the importance of arts education will ask “what is performing arts and its importance?”. Well, it would interest you to know that creativity is one of the benefits which comes with learning arts. This helps the student to have a good understanding of the world in a way better than their colleagues who are not studying performing arts.

In addition, it also prepares them to be able to surmount the challenges after college. More exciting is the fact that this creativity imbibed in the course of arts education, transcends to other aspects of the study, and the importance is useful there as well.

  1. Communication: Whenever college students ask “what is performing arts?”, it is obvious that they do not have a clue about the advantages which comes with it. Performing arts is one of the best means to accelerate the learning of communication skills. In the performing arts, students would imbibe the act of employing both verbal and non-verbal techniques to send their message.

In addition, students will explore varying levels of communication via performing arts which would be useful to their lives generally.

It would interest you to know that performing arts as a field of study, has been instrumental in championing the learning of the above-mentioned benefits in the form of skill, more than any field of study in the curriculum of students. Why is this so? Performing arts is life, and this is where the student comes in contact with the raw nature of life.

Students have the full opportunity to enhance their creative passions via performing arts, as it encompasses self-expression, seeking various options and fully accepting individuality. With their confidence and self-belief enhanced, there is a natural pathway for students to master various skills which would be useful for them.


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