The implementation of AI has enabled automatic photo editing in Luminar 3

In December 2018, Skylum AI Lab will release an updated version of Luminar 3. It is the culmination of their efforts to develop an automated image enhancement system. Luminar 3 will have an updated automatic photo editor, along with brand new features like Sky Enhancer and Sun Rays.

Frequently used in image segmentation and image recognition, artificial intelligence (AI) is also gaining a place in image enhancement. Today, neural networks can be trained to make the same adjustments, if not better, as humans do.  Skylum AI Lab used millions of photographs as a training set for their algorithms. As variety is very important in AI, Skylum used images taken by best mirrorless cameras (Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, and others). In this way, their algorithms will know to perform optimally, regardless to the photographer’s style and equipment. Their attention to details and their photography oriented approach made Luminar one of the best photo editing software.

The Advantages of AI image enhancement

Luminar is a photo editing software dedicated to all photographers, beginners or professionals. It has RAW editing features and all the basic features you need. It can be used with photo-editing controllers like Loupedeck. But AI-powered tools are the ones which really make it stand out.


Using an automatic photo editor can be a timesaver. AI smart tools do all those basic adjustments by themselves. The correct double exposure, color balance, contrast, white balance, and many more. All these in a single step that lasts seconds. You can always choose to do them manually, but if you are in a hurry you can rely on the machine. And this can be wonderful when you have deadlines and you are on the road, somewhere in the wildness. Moreover, Luminar’s newly implemented DAM technology allows you to dramatically increase photographers workflow and simply enjoy watching your photos instantly uploaded to the library.


AI algorithms learn from more images that you could ever imagine to see. They get to know a large range of photographers and endless styles. Through the power of technology, they go to places you’ll never visit. This gives them a slight advantage when it comes to precision in basic image enhancement. So, even if you still are the artist, AI tools can do a very good job for you. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to be there, supervising everything and making your voice heard. It just means you can relax and rely on your software.

Note: the only part an AI tool cannot do for you is deciding what goes and what stays in an image. Make sure you cropped and straightened the image before applying the adjustments.


AI Tools in Luminar 3

The new Luminar release will bring some exquisite features.  Skylum AI Lab has teamed with professional photographers in order to deliver useful and state-of-the-art editing tools. But, even if they are packed with technology, they are easy to use and understand. According to the developers’ road map we will be able to check out more Built-In AI features in the nearest time, but all the details still remain a secret.

Accent AI

Accent AI is an automatic photo editor which does a dozen of manual adjustments in a few seconds. It’s the perfect tool if you don’t want to waste time dealing with color after a family photo session. Accent AI manages exposure, highlights and shadows, contrast, color balance, and much more. You get a slider to control the effect’s intensity and that’s all you need to do. Start with the slider at about 50% and don’t forget to crop the image before adjustments.

Sky Enhancer

A photographer is able to do many things in order to have a dramatic sky. Sky Enhancer is an AI tool perfected on various types of skies, from the sunny blue sky to stormy and sunset skies. It automatically selects the sky in your image and makes all the required adjustments by itself. As with Accent AI, all you need to do is managing the intensity of the effect using a slider.

Sun Rays

Sun Rays are for those who like sunny pictures, but don’t have time and patience to wait for the perfect moment of the day. The tool allows you to add sun rays directly into your image. You can control the amount of light and the intensity of the effect. Luminar is aiming for realistic effects.

Artificial intelligence has a tumultuous history. Many people are afraid that AI will take control of the world and leave us without jobs, but things are different in reality. During the last years, AI has become a real help in health care, natural language processing, imaging, security, and other very important research fields. It seems that it only helps us to become more efficient and creative, so AI has for sure a bright future.


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