The Health Benefits of Wearing Crystal Necklaces

If you love jewelry, you won’t hesitate to try the trending crystal necklaces. According to jewelry enthusiasts, the crystal necklaces have different healing capabilities depending on the type of crystal used to make it. Though there is no scientific proof to back these arguments, these magical necklaces’ popularity increases rapidly. Perhaps the surging popularity is due to the peoples’ curiosity to uncover these necklaces’ potential. Or, maybe it’s due to the stunning beauty of the crystals. If you are eager to learn about these amazing necklaces, check this outline of the most popular crystals for making crystal necklaces and their health benefits.

Bloodstone Necklaces

Jewelry enthusiasts associate blood stone necklaces with high potency levels. As the name suggests, the gemstone is believed to purify the blood and keep you from the adverse environmental energies to enhance your circulation. Sensibly, it can promote selflessness, idealism, and creativity to help you perceive challenges positively. Thus, the necklace can help you establish new friendships to extend your networks and mediate between the two conflicting groups or individuals. It can also give you the courage to take leadership responsibilities and face challenging issues. This is attributed to bloodstone’s ability to control your feelings of impatience, aggressiveness, and irritability.

Amethyst Necklaces

As the name suggests, Amethyst necklaces are made from a purple gemstone called Amethyst. It is claimed to be exclusively healing, protective, and purifying. Jewelry lovers claim that amethyst necklaces can calm the mind and initiate positive attributes in a person such as sincerity, humility, and spiritual wisdom. Also, experts from believe that Amethyst necklaces can help people facing stress related to legal and business issues as they can lead to prosperity and abundance. It can also improve sleep in patients with sleep disorders such as insomnia and psychological stress. Moreover, Amethyst necklaces are linked to inducing moderation in situations where a person feels too impatient to handle things in the right manner.

Jasper Necklaces

Also known as the supreme nurturer, Jasper crystal is linked to improve the mood and help you face challenges such as stress and aggressiveness. Users of jasper necklaces also claim that it can cushion you against negative vibes and give you more courage, improved confidence, and mental abilities. As such, you can enjoy undistracted pursuance of your goals and increased success by investing in this jewelry as you would have the courage to face any challenges coming your way.

Clear Quartz Necklaces

Clear quartz, often referred to as the master healer, is a white crystal that is believed to boost energy levels by absorbing and controlling its storage and use. Users also link it with the ability to increase mental concentration and memory. Moreover, they are said to balance the body anatomy and stimulate the body defense system. The makers of clear quartz necklaces normally combine it with rose quartz to improve its healing abilities and make it more appealing. Choosing a necklace made from a mix of the two crystals will assure you improved health and stunning beauty.

Rose Quartz Necklaces


Are you struggling with your relationship due to mistrust and misunderstandings? If so, you can restore the faded trust and the marriage bond by getting your partner a rose quartz necklace. Rose quartz necklaces are believed to heal ailing relationships and restore broken marriages. Additionally, the necklace can initiate calmness, sobriety, and uplift spirit when one feels low or grieving. Rose quartz necklaces are also claimed to strengthen existing relationships by encouraging the feeling of self-worth and respect for others. Though the necklace can speak for you, you may have to make your efforts to complete its work in situations like restoring marriage trust effectively.

Obsidian Necklace

Obsidian is an incredibly protective gemstone. Users of obsidian necklace attribute it to cushioning them against physical drawbacks. Further, it is associated with various psychological benefits, including reduced stress, improved mental function, and self-esteem. Though it may seem deceptive, the users swear about the Obsidian necklace’s ability to physically assist in digestion and eliminating waste products from the body. Moreover, an obsidian necklace is believed to initiate the release of make-happy chemicals in the brain to relieve stress and pain. They are closely related to citrine necklaces, which are believed to bring joy and self-appreciation in every step of life.

Other crystal necklaces include Turquoise necklaces, tiger’s eye necklaces, sapphire necklaces, moonstone, and ruby necklaces.

Crystal necklaces have different healing powers. If you are curious and want to give them a try, you should first identify what you need the crystal necklace to provide for you. Then research on the perfect necklace to fit your needs and see the magic.