The Best Ways to Measure Customer Happiness

While outright asking your customers if they have been happy working with you is a good start, you might not get the full picture. This can mean that there might be holes in your business where you can improve, and without finding ways to measure how your customers feel, you might be missing out on something really important when it comes to determining what you need to change for your client experience. 

Here are some customer success metrics to help you find out what can work when it comes to increasing client satisfaction.

Net retention

A super easy way to see whether or not your methods are working when it comes to customer happiness is to see the rate of retention and how many of your customers choose to renew your product or service. Put together a comprehensive spreadsheet that can help you to determine your overall rate, how long your client tends to stay involved with your product or service, and if there seems to be a common thread when it comes to why they choose to stay or leave.

Revenue churn

How much money your customers have made since they have adopted your product or service can also be an indication of whether or not they will continue to value you. If they make money from using your company, then they are more likely to see you as a part of the reason they are succeeding as a business. Again, having a spreadsheet which tracks whether clients have made money from your efforts can help to determine whether you are serving them in the right way.

Adoption metrics

If you have a product or software that needs to be used in order for your clients to see results, you will want to make sure that they have taken the time to incorporate it into their business model. There could be many reasons why there have been delays, but more than anything, you want to make sure they have a clear understanding of how and why your product works the way it does. Make sure to follow up after a few weeks or months and see whether or not they have been using your software or product regularly.

Outcome metrics

Of course, the outcome is likely why your customers signed up for your product or service in the first place. This means that they have successfully used it in order to gain their desired results, whether this means they themselves have gained new clients, increased their revenue, or managed to remain organized (it doesn’t really matter what it is), they have seen the positive effects they were looking for when they chose your business. Again, you will want to follow up with them to see if they are happy with your product or service or if you can provide any more support.

In summary

Customer metrics can go a long way toward helping you determine whether or not you need to make changes in your business. By taking a look at these, you can make adjustments that will help your company and theirs, as well.