The Do’s and Don’ts Of Wearing Thong Panties

Women’s thongs have a cheeky reputation amongst their target users. Love it or hate it, they say. It’s either you like them or won’t get caught red-handed wearing them.

But a recent study reveals that one in five women prefer to wear thongs because they find them more comfortable to use than other underwear types. Others also like it because they believe it’s seamless and almost invisible under thin fabrics and tight clothes. Still, some are regarded to like it because it boosts their self-confidence and makes them feel more feminine on the inside.

Whatever the reason, thongs are and will be part of a woman’s wardrobe. There’s a wide variety to choose from—traditional, G-string, or tanga. Plain or printed ones available for purchase such as EBY thong panties can keep you comfortable and sexy. Just remember these do’s and don’ts, so you’ll have nothing but love for this intimate wear.

Do’s Of Wearing A Thong

If you’re thinking of getting thong panties and including them in your daily clothing choices, make sure to remember the following tips.

  • Never Sacrifice Comfort

Thong panties may need some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll understand how comfortable they feel. Wearing less can improve your self-image since you don’t have to worry about panty lines or stuffy undies.

They’re made from different fabrics, so you can try out a few to see which ones give you the most pleasant experience You can try thong panties with cotton or cotton-blend crotch lining since they’re breathable materials. If you’re sporty or hit the gym often, try to choose one that wicks moisture and have antimicrobial treatments to keep you from odor and infection.

  • Select Just The Right Size

Like any other wardrobe piece, well-fitting thongs can provide enough coverage and ample exposure from your behind. Check size charts and have your measurements ready before you buy from online or retail stores. One size too small can hurt your sensitive area and cause muffin tops, while a bigger size can shift and cause chafing and pain. If you’re still unsure, you can reach out to an online shop’s customer support personnel or a salesperson at the mall. You can also get the right size of underwear online on sites like EBY.

  • Consider The Occasion 

Thongs are great for regular use and special occasions. You can count on them to give you a fantastic silhouette when you’re in a bodycon dress, leggings, or any outfit made from thin, delicate fabrics. It also serves to spice things up before you see action in the bedroom with your partner.

  • Prioritize Cleanliness

You’ll want to change your thongs daily to keep away odor and infection. Handwash delicates or use a mesh bag before you toss it into the washing machine. Make sure to air dry them before use.

Don’ts For Thongs Use

Thongs can feel and look good, yet there are certain days when you’ll need to set them aside. They can make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassing during certain times. Listed are a few insights you can have a look at to know the things you’d need to avoid.

  • Avoid Committing A Fashion Faux Pas

Have you ever heard of a whale tail? It’s what happens when your thongs hike up your pants or skirt and become visible in the form of a whale’s tail. If you’re going to do a lot of bending while gardening, fixing leaks, or replacing a flat tire, it’s better to save your thong for another day rather than gain attention for all the wrong reasons.

  • Monthly Periods Make Thongs A No-go 

Periods are never fun, and it can be challenging to place a maxi pad in a thong and keep it in place for long. Besides, they can offer only limited protection from possible leaks. Unless you’re keen on using a tampon for your monthly flow, be prepared to treat blood stains on your thongs before handwashing.

  • Expecting Women May Not Find Thongs As A Pal 

Doctors oftentimes advise pregnant women to wear breathable easy-to-wear underwear to prevent moisture buildup and prevent infections such as urinary tract infection or UTI. Besides, the thong’s thin waistbands can become restrictive and cause you and your growing belly some discomfort.

  • Medical Conditions May Play A Role

Thongs can irritate your skin resulting in different conditions such as hemorrhoids or rashes. The thin fabric between your cheeks can harbor bacteria and cause further irritation.

  • Still Healing From An Operation May Restrict Thong Use

Aside from being pregnant, women who recently had a cesarean or CS operation need to put off wearing low-rise thongs since it won’t offer protection from postpartum bleeding. It won’t provide much support and also tends to rub against the healing wound. It’s best to choose C-section underwear that provides compression and support.


Thong panties are comfy and sexy that allow you to wear them on most days and for special occasions. However, you’ll need to do frequent changes and chose one with breathable materials to keep you away from certain vaginal infections. While they’re wonderful intimates, it’s best to avoid using them when you’re feeling sick or still healing from a medical condition. You might miss the freedom they give you but look at it as a time for your body to heal and for your bottom to breathe.