3 Reasons Why Wearing Lingerie is A Must

Underwear is the clothing we wear closest to our skin. Beyond being just a bra and panties, it sends a tingling feeling inside, which makes you see yourself as this sexy thing that you really are. Lingerie gives off a mysterious feeling that you are hiding something exotic beneath your plain clothes. No matter what you’re wearing on the outside, your true self is beneath those clothes; waiting to be unleashed.

Wearing sexy lingerie isn’t about showing off to your significant other; it’s so much more than that. It’s about being turned on by your own existence and claiming your sexuality. We often limit lingerie for a special occasion, but I’m going to tell you three good reasons why you should always be wearing sexy lingerie.

1.   It boosts your self-esteem and confidence

Men often think that women dress up for them. HOW NAIVE! We girls will dress up even if we are the last human being alive just because we love to impress ourselves. When you love yourself at 100%, no other person can walk in and charm you with anything less than that. Have you ever thought why Spiderman and Superman have their superhero clothes beneath their normal ones? Because it gives them power, the power to turn into a superhero whenever they can. A sexy bra and panty can be your superpower if you choose to wear them.

2.   To Spice up your sex life

The most important reason, in my view, is that lingerie lets you express yourself as a sexual being that you really are. In a culture that is so hell-bent on sexual repression, lingerie leads you on a journey of self-exploration and understanding.

It may sound like a taboo to most people, but the role of sexy lingerie to spice things up in a bedroom can’t be stressed upon too often. If you want to ignite a spark in your long-lasting relationship, you can raise a few heartbeats with a skin-tight panty or a dominating corset from Cradle of Goth lingerie. Bring out your inner dominatrix with some BDSM-style lingerie to make sex livelier!

3.   To bring out your inner feminist

Though it may not be as effective as marches and debates, but you can play your part to construct a positive body image by being comfortable in your own skin, and that’s where lingerie comes in. Media and fashion industries have set a standard of beauty where a particular set of body images are advertised as perfect. In this world, a simple act of wearing lingerie will show the media that they don’t have any right to dictate what clothes should you wear and in turn, help you overcome body shaming.

Using lingerie to reclaim body empowerment and change the stereotypical views of lingerie being a source of self-objectification can help you play your part in the war towards female equality. The day when you feel comfortable in your size and skin without being body-shamed is the day we, as women, will win the war!


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