‘The Dog Design’ – by Maria and Alex Dolgopolov

Tennis star Alexandr Dolgopolov and his sister Maria have founded ‘The Dog Design’ studio, named by the famous nickname Alex is known for. They are based in Kiev, Ukraine and working worldwide. Maria is the mastermind behind these dreamlike creations and bases all of her designs on being interesting, unique, beautiful and functional no matter what style they do. Very often they create their own furniture, décor, and light especially for the client, and therefore achieving a distinguished look that solely characterizes them. “The only thing which is common for all our projects is that we like to work with light, as for everything else we are ready for experiments. The hardest tasks give you the most amazing projects. That’s why we are always open to the world, to different projects, different people, and different cultures,” Alex and Maria told the Sortra. Bellow, you’ll see 4 different apartments fully designed by The Dog Design studio, and you can also enjoy and follow their work through their Instagram page.

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