The Best Homes To Come Out Of The Custom House Building Boom

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Figures consistently show that the number of house hunters who desire a custom built home is not matched by the amount of such properties being built. In response, some builders have spotted a gap in the market, and have decided to move their business models towards designing and erecting tailor made houses to the buyers’ specifications. All over North America, it is becoming easier than ever to make your creative vision of the perfect property into a reality. Whether it’s a uniquely glamorous bedroom optimized for sleep or a luxurious office fit for a rapidly expanding home based business, here are some of America’s most exciting custom built properties to spark your inspiration.

Brookline, Massachusetts

No one loves a custom made home more than a celebrity. With an almost limitless budget, stars like Tom Brady are able to design a home to exactly match their vision of the perfect property. This is exactly what the football pro has done, with his $39.5 million home in Brookline. With a gym, spa and golf course, this is the epitome of what a custom built home can achieve for a true sports enthusiast.

Austin, Texas

Not all custom homes are about luxury and showing off, however. They can also fit a practical purpose based on the client’s needs. US Army Staff Sergeant, Tammy Barrett, was paralyzed after falling off a cliff in New Mexico. In response, her colleagues had a custom built home designed and built to be fully accessible, in order to provide her with a more easy and comfortable life. Austin custom home builders pride themselves on designing properties that are practical for those who need it, as opposed to the purely aesthetic priorities of many homebuilders in LA.

East Patchogue, New York

A custom built home is more than just a roof over your head. It is a way of bringing your passions closer to your everyday life. This is best exemplified by a property in New York, which was built on the waterfront. By including boat slips, the resident is able to go straight from their home to their sailboat on the water without stepping off their property. It may set you back $1.5 million, but for a passionate sailor, everyday life doesn’t get much better than this.

Custom built homes can help make dreams come true. With increasing numbers of builders willing to take on tailor made housing projects, this could be the next big venture for someone with a creative mindset. What kind of property would you build if you had a big enough budget?

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