The Basics on Choosing Your Luggage

Off on vacation? You’ll need luggage. But then, how do you choose your wheels?

Traveling with terrible luggage can make the entire experience a nightmare. While most people focus on what goes in their case for their vacation, rather than the case itself, you need something that can last through multiple flights, bus rides, train journeys, or being wheeled across sidewalks, uneven dirt pathways, or even fields.

By far, the most popular type of cases are those that are on wheels, but a big debate still rages as to what kind of wheel is the best. Should you choose spinner or roller?

Spinner vs. Roller – What’s the Difference?

Roller luggage is pulled along on two wheels, with a long handle that’s used to pull the luggage along – usually at an angle.

Spinner luggage is designed to need less effort to move, as it has four wheels and can be rolled in multiple directions more easily. They are pushed instead of pulled and stand upright, rather than leaning on their two wheels. They can be rolled alongside you rather than dragged behind. These types of luggage also take pressure off your body, as you need less strength and control to move it around, and your joints and wrists take less weight. For more information on luggage spinners, visit Riffle NW.

What’s Your Terrain?

Take a few moments to think about your actual journey. Sure, you might know your destination, but what terrain will you cross on the way? While they’re a dream on flat, smooth surfaces, spinners can be tricky to maneuver over the rougher ground as the spinning wheels mean they’re more likely to get stuck on bumps on the path.

Spinners are almost impossible to get through snow, so if you’re headed somewhere cold, a roller might be the way to go. You can pull your spinner like you would a roller. But then, as they’re not designed to be pulled on two wheels, you might cause some damage.

Spinners are also great for navigating twisty, narrow paths or streets (provided they’re flat), as they can be moved easily in all directions. They’re less likely than a roller to trip up someone walking behind you, get caught on chairs or other obstacles that might be on your path.

Built to Last?

As spinners have more wheels than rollers, the chances of one or more wheels getting damaged are greater. As the wheels also stick out from the luggage itself, they’re more vulnerable to breaking off, especially if you’re wheeling over rough terrain. Roller wheels also tend to be bigger than spinner wheels, so are usually more durable.

Taking Up Space

If you’re on a flight with size restrictions for your luggage, a piece of roller luggage might be a better pick, as the wheels are cut into the luggage, so they don’t take up any additional space. Spinner wheels usually stick out, so you’ll need to take the dimensions of the wheels into account when looking at your flight’s luggage allowances. If you have a weight restriction to take into account, you may also need to consider that spinner cases are usually a little heavier than rollers.

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