Talented Photographer Captures Beautiful Female Portraits

Currently based in Milan, Italy; Nicholas Fols is a talented young model, photographer, director who takes gorgeous fashion portraits. He focuses mainly on portraiture and fashion photography, but he captures impressive street style, conceptual, and lifestyle portraits, as well. He is also interested in cooking and says “Cooking is a passion of mine. It´s magic with ingredients.” Inspired by this, he created “Alice in the Kitchen” photo series in which the famous actress Alice Pagani poses as a young woman who for the first time is dedicate to the world of cooking. With this series he made his name heard among the world of photographers and he now has 82k followers on Instagram and counting more each day. He captures his models in a dramatic mood and creates various styles for each portrait which amaze his fans. Sincerely, it is every woman’s dream to be portrayed such an imaginative and talented photographer, don’t you agree? Take a look at some of Nicholas’s photos below and remember to follow him on Instagram for more.

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