22 Inspiring Ways You Can Do Your Own Sweater Nails

Isn’t winter great? You can slow down, take your time, crawl up on your cozy couch and allow yourself to be lazy for a little bit. But this is also an opportunity to give yourself a bit of care and finally do your nails. If you are the “do it yourself” kind of girl and a fan of nail art, you should definitely try out Sweater nails. This latest nail trend exploded on Instagram and made manicuring business grow. The style celebrates winter season using patterns that resemble cable knits, like the ones you have on your sweater. Using gel and acrylic paint will probably give your design more precision and better 3D effect. But don’t worry, Sweater nails can still be done with regular nail polish. So if you prefer to do the art yourself, watch the tutorial video and scroll down to get inspired with different Sweater nail designs. Knit away.

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Navy Blue Guarantees Success

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 Good Color Balance Means Good Taste

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This christmas pattern can work even in the summer

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Modest, Elegant and festive at the same time

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Do not hesitate to call upon the power of stickers

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Don’t you just love the simplicity here

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Ugly christmas sweaters look good when on nails

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This is perfection

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These nails want to go out and party

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Making intricate details is a skill

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