Surreal Melancholic Female Portraits by Damian Drewniak

Photographer Damian Drewniak lives in Częstochowa, Poland and she is specialized in wedding, occasional and surreal fields. She accentuates the beauty and passion of her female models in her dream-like compositions. She is one of the rare lenses that compose photos in an imaginative way and turn them into visual stories. She explains her work with these words; “Photography that doesn’t want to tell us something is less valuable to me. So, I don’t really just want to photograph, I want to talk about you… about feelings, silence, sometimes about breathing … because photography is something I breathe.” She includes objects like mirrors, books, paper, dried leaves to make up her compositions. Her models generally look desperate, meloncholic or thoughtful in Damian’s images, which adds the photos deep meanings and makes you keep staring at them and think about the story behind it. We enjoy such type of photo-art and we are sure you share the same feelings with us. Here you can see some of her best surreal images for your eyes only.