Twin Sisters’ Cosplay of Disney Characters in Vintage Style

Danielle and Nicole are twin sisters who design their own collection and model their own dresses. They are popular for their cosplays of Disney characters in vintage style. They dress up as modern versions of Frozen’s Anna and Elsa, The Sleeping Beauty, Mickey and Minnie, etc. They originally entered the fashion world as models but soon their love for creating and desire to lessen our environmental impact soon took over. As they explain; “We aim to bring you a necessary alternative to fast fashion with unique clothes that are kind to the planet! Our brand is named after our beloved grandmas, Betty and Berenice, who grew up dressing in the beautiful clothes that we now know as vintage. We’ve always loved playing with these styles and reinventing them with our own touches!” They both handpick some of the vintage pieces by themselves and design their own collection which is ethically brought to life by their amazing team in India. Currently their whole collection is sold out but good news is that they have already working on fresh new creations. You must have already become curious about this fantastic duo’s dresses, so here it goes! PS: We also included their other cosplays of 80s and 90s popular icons like Friends’ characters, Will Smith, etc.