Meet Jasmine, a Stunning Blind Cat That was Rescued from the Streets

Jasmine is a gorgeous blind cat that was found and rescued while she desperately roaming through the streets of France. When Sandra Coudray saw those perfect eyes, she simply had to adopt this kitty. Also, Sandra has some experience with blind and unfortunate cats. Her previous cat was blinded due to old age, so Sandra knows how much attention and devotion these cats require. And she is ready to provide this adorable kitty with unconditional love. “She brings us so much joy and love”, says Sandra. At first, Jasmine was very scared of humans, but with a little bit of love and care, she grew very fond of Sandra. Now, these two are very happy together. This beautiful story should be a lesson for everybody who want’s to have a pet. There are so many unfortunate and abandoned puppies and kitties on the streets who are just craving for a warm and loving home and you can give it to them.

Look at those adorable eyes.


This cat has beautiful fur.


She likes to hold hands with her human.




Lunch time!


Like any other cat, Jasmine adores boxes.

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