Nikita Golubev Creates Stunning Art on Dirty Vehicles

We’ve all seen those “wash me” drawings on the dirty cars outside, but Nikita Golubev from Russia had a slightly different idea when he saw dirty vehicles on the streets of his lovely Moscow. He saw blank canvases that he wanted to decorate with mesmerizing drawings. Considering the fact that Nikita is a great illustrator, this wasn’t too hard for him. Nikita’s drawings are simply extraordinary, especially when you realize how temporary this type of art is. His masterpieces have a short life span, but they are stunning nonetheless. If you like Nikita’s work, make sure to check out his Facebook page.

Surfing on dirt.

Stunning details.

“I’m watching you.”

The prayer.

The BMW shark.

The crocodile.

via (boredpanda)

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