Street Style in All Colors by Gitta Banko

Gitta Banko defines herself as a mother of a son, blogger, influencer and stylist. She always been influenced by her mother who ran her own fashion boutique and she dreamed about being a fashion designer in her childhood. As she says; “Besides my family, the most important part in my life is fashion. It has already accompanied me as a little child and shaped my life growing up.” After graduating from university, she has travelled a lot and lived in different countries which enabled her to learn about various cultures and meet inspiring people. She tell the rest of her story as follows; “I worked in various areas of the fashion industry – as a model, an independent boutique owner, and also in showrooms. Since 2015, I’ve been working with great passion on my fashion blog. Personally, I believe that fashion is a statement. By its versatility it enables you to express yourself and who you are. The beauty of it – you can reflect the different roles that we impersonate on a daily basis in a very unique and creative manner.” She keeps her blog as a personal diary where she can share about her style, her lifestyle and how she improved herself. “We all need a little help to make up our minds sometimes when we are out shopping for a new look, or need some advice when trying on a piece to see how it fits, or even just a little inspiration how to combine things in a stunning manner. By sharing my looks here and on Instagram I hope that I can share some inspiration and maybe even encourage you to try out something completely new.” she states on her blog. Here we showcase some of her gorgeously stylish outlooks in various colors for you.

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