22 Genius Homemade Toys and Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy

If you have a kid or kids at home, you can hear the words “I am bored” at any time. So be prepared with different activities or toys not only to keep them busy but also have fun time altogether. There are millions of activities especially on shape and color sorting, practicing letters and numbers, creative painting and sensory play that you can try at home easily and help your kids learn something new while playing. It is also very enjoyable to make handcrafted toys with your kids. You can transform any thing at home into a fresh new toy for your little ones. Pool noodles, cardboard boxes, wipe containers, bottles and felt are the most magical materials that you can use to make something new. Now take a look at 22 genius homemade toys and activities that we’ve found on the net for you and choose the ones you’d like to try with your lovely kids. Let us know about your own activities by commenting in the box below.

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