Some Facts About Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is an absolute necessary service to hire in order to cover your commercial building. This is a vast field with many reputable companies providing various services at competitive rates in the market. The quality of your commercial roof depends on the materials you use, quality of the company you hire and lastly, the way you maintain your roof after the service.

The are many parts of the commercial roofing services that you hire, here are some fun facts about commercial roofing, and how it differs from residential roofing in basics.

Commercial Vs Residential Roofing

Both the commercial and residential differ in many features. Residential roofing structures aren’t as though as the commercial roofing materials. The residential roofs usually are made out of Asphalt shingle or concrete tiles. While these materials are less popular and less durable than the materials used in commercial roofing, they are hood enough to protect your house against harsh weather (like hailstorm, heavy rain and fast winds).

When you start looking for a commercial roofing material, your options increase substantially. More options clearly mean more durability and class, but it also means that you’ll have to conduct a deep and thorough research of the commercial roofing industry and choose one of the best commercial roofing companies in Denver to get it done perfectly.

The Installation Process

The installation process of commercial roofs differs a lot from that of the residential roofs. Commercial roofs are usually much longer and wider than the residential roofs, so, they take a lot more time for installation time than the residential roofs.

The products and materials used in commercial roofs usually take a lot more time to settle and dry before another product can be applied over it, this is also a main reason for the delay in commercial roofing.

Fixing Any Flaws

If anytime after the commercial roofing service, your roof develops a crack and water starts leaking, then instead of covering just that area, you might need to coat the while roof all over again to solve the issue.

Remember that the problems happening with both commercial and residential and commercial roofs might look the same, but they’ll require different solutions to go away. Usually, the problems with commercial roofs are much more complicated, time consuming and expensive to solve.


You can keep the insurance of your commercial roof in perfect balance by making sure that it is well maintained. If you fail to take good care of your insured commercial roof, you’ll need to file multiple insurance claims, and that would certainly mean an increase in the insurance cost. On the other hand, the insurance price is much lesser for an unclaimed and well-maintained commercial roof.

If you have any damage on your commercial roof, then before calling your insurance company for filing a claim, you should call your roofer first and see if the issue can be resolved under the roofing guarantee.


Before and after the insurance period, maintenance is a must for your commercial roof. The best thing you can do to ensure full safety is hiring an expert roofer for routine checks, he can then detect any flaws and developing errors and correct them before its too late.

Maintenance will cost you nothing, as the process would pay for itself by keeping your roof from damaging and retaining its value, also, it saves a lot of money you’ll otherwise have to spend those expensive repairs.

Lifetime of a Commercial Roof

A commercial roof installed and inspected by a good commercial roofing company should last two decades or even more in some cases. The lifetime of a commercial roof certainly depends on the quality of the materials used, the installation company you hired, maintenance quality and lastly, the amount of strain you put on your roof.

The commercial roofing company you select must be certified by your choice of roofing brand, because it allows the roofing company to give you a longer guarantee for their roofing work.

Some Bonus Facts

Here are some bonus commercial roofing facts you can check.

  • Commercial roofs are way bigger than the residential roofs, and are certainly heavier. They are hence made stronger to support their own weight, and the weight of a full HVAC system tied to them.
  • There are many types of membranes that are installed on the top of your commercial roof to cover it against weather and make it waterproof at the same time. These membranes are of many types, depending on the material used to make them. These are also prone to damage though, and you might need to replace the whole membrane if it faces damage from anywhere on your commercial roof.
  • While water can cause leakages, sunlight is the biggest enemy of your commercial roof. It generates heat on your roof, that might cause damage, and also makes in inner part of your commercial building hot during the summer. That is why many owners use while or other light color to keep the roof from damaging, and reduce the cooling costs during the summer.
  • A commercial roof needs maintenance at least once a year. The maintenance job includes removing debris and leaves from your roof, and check for any minor flaws or leaks that might damage your commercial roof later on.

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