Enchanting Maternity And Newborn Photography by Siobhan Calder

Siobhan Calder is a UK based writer, photographer and knitting instructor. We discovered her lovely photos on Instagram and visited her blog to get to know more about her. “I’m primarily a photographer, shooting documentary style with families, creatives, small businesses and brands. I’m also a knitting teacher and I dabble in the occasional bit of freelance writing. I’d been interested in photography since I was a kid, I studied it at A-level and loved shooting and developing my own film. The darkroom was my hide out at school and university. I got lost in the transition from film to digital, I’m not really sure what happened but I pretty much stopped taking photos for a good few years.” she stated in an interview with Raincloudandsage, and she continues her story as follows; “Then my parents got me a digital camera for my 24th birthday, a Canon 450D, and I just started clicking the shutter again. I started my blog to share the (very bad) photos I was taking, and I hoped that by sharing my words and pictures I’d get better and keep doing it. I guess it worked, because eight years later I’m still going! About four years ago, I started to take photography a bit more seriously and tried out shooting portraits, weddings and anything anyone wanted me to do. I’ve honed my skills and style over the years, and am now very happily working as a freelance photographer. It’s been a long old journey, but I’m finally on a road that feels good for me.” Nowadays, she is busy with capturing maternity and children photography each of which tells a special story and reflects heart-melting emotions. She says; “The images I make come from a place of striving for a deeper meaning in all that I do. An attempt at permanence and connection in a world that seems to push us towards the opposite. I don’t try to make picture perfect portraits, have everyone smiling at the camera and wearing matching outfits – quite far from that.” Her photography is inspired by light, emotion, movement and connection. It’s these things that she tries to capture about you, your family or your work. “The little details, the things that change so slowly over time that you forget to document them. It’s the little things we do every day that make up our lives, and even though life is often messy and chaotic it doesn’t mean that it’s not beautiful and worth preserving. Perfection, for me, is all of your imperfections.” she states, also adding that; “My approach is gentle, and full of fun. We will spend time playing, laughing and connecting. We’ll talk about your family, what inspires you, where you’re from and where you’re going. I want you to be relaxed, to be yourselves, and to not worry about who is jumping on the bed, not looking at the camera, or pulling all the toys out from the cupboard, because these are all the things I’m gonna ask you to do anyway.” She documents your most special days in an exceptional way. Wanna see her work now? Just scroll down and share your opinions with us!