3 Tips to Choose the Best Wine Gifts

A wine gift can be a terrific way to show someone you are thinking about them. If your recipient has something to celebrate, send them something sparkling. These wines are pretty to look at and can be mixed in a cocktail if the recipient doesn’t directly enjoy sparkling wines.

When One Can Gift Wine

Wine is for celebrating and for lingering. Someone who buys a new home or hits a lifetime milestone will likely enjoy a bottle of wine in an elegant box.

Of course, wine is not a terrific get well gift, and it will not work for a new baby or grandchild. If you know the recipient very well and their child moves into their teenage years, a bottle of wine and a wink may be appropriate.

How to Give a Wine Gift They Will Love

Work with What You Know

If you know that your recipient already loves a hearty red, a bottle of port and some wonderful chocolates may hit the spot.

Should you have a recipient who loves Moscato, send a Riesling or a sparkling white. For those who love to grill steaks and burgers all summer long, wine gift baskets loaded with big zinfandel or a hearty merlot will thrill them.

Buy Great Tools

Make sure you send the right tools with your wines. If you send a basket of bright, crisp white wines in the summer season, consider including a cooling sleeve or an ice bucket to keep those whites nice and cool. If you send a basket of lush reds, consider sending a carafe and an aerator or a wine aerator pouring attachment.

You can customize your tool purchases for a fun way to add to the celebrations. For example, if your recipient has recently purchased an RV, give plastic or silicone sleeve wine glasses.

If they just moved into a new home, turn a sturdy bin into your gift vessel and include extra napkins, some plastic forks and paper plates, and a small trash bag for a total clean-up packet.

Should you have a friend headed back to school, get them a great backpack and load it with pens, pencils, highlighters, a single notebook, and a bottle of wine. If possible, share the wine with them and wish them well!

Keep Things Simple

Send a fully packaged treat. A bottle of white wine, simple crackers, mild creamy cheeses, and fresh fruit would make a wonderful treat, from the top of the basket right down to the crinkle.

If you send reds, include some smoked meats, sharp slicing cheese, and hearty crackers, or a small loaf of sliced bread. If you are sending bread, make sure you include a small container of good olive oil with seasonings for a dipping treat.

Wine is a sipping treat that you can linger over. With the right gift container and food pairings, your recipient will have the time to linger over the treat and celebrate your thoughtfulness. Work with what you know and share what you love about wine.