Shalese Deseray Tells Your Love Story Using Her Camera

Shalese Deseray is a full time photographer based in Salt Lake, UT. She has been into couples photography for about three years and she captures weddings, elopements, bridals, engagements and everything in between. “I have a passion for capturing the feeling of love no matter what form it comes in.” she states on her blog. When asked about her style and her aim for this type of photography, she replies as follows; “My photography style is very candid because I don’t want to just pose you, I want to tell your story. I want to capture the genuine laughter, joy, and love that brought you together. I aim to capture experiences and the essence of who people are. I want you to walk away with photos that you will never want to stop sharing and looking at.” She is one of the best photographer for comforting people in front of the camera and turning the photography session into an unforgettable memory. Although she lives in Utah, Shalese is always ready to travel to shoot your love story. Now take a look at her exceptional wedding photos and please remember to share your thoughts with us.

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