Sending Thoughtful Hamper Gifts

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A gift basket can be a perfect way to show support, love, and appreciation to a loved one or a business associate. Gift hampers are versatile, charming, and ideal for all types of occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries, Christmas and Easter, or even as a way of saying thank you.

There are numerous ways of putting together a gift hamper. Choosing the right one for your recipient is not always an easy task. To be able to make the right choice when picking a gift hamper, there are certain factors you need to consider.

Here is how to send a thoughtful gift hamper.

Consider your recipient

There are numerous variations of gift baskets in the market. Each can be customized to suit an occasion. Before you settle for the best gift hamper combination, take time to consider your recipient. Find out what their likes and dislikes are. This will go a long way in determining what goes into the gift hamper. For instance, a bottle of a cognac drink, glasses, and sports shopping gift cards can be ideal for a male recipient or a corporate gift. On the other hand, an assortment of beauty products can be suitable for a lady friend who likes to put on makeup. Understanding your recipient is the first step towards putting together the perfect gift hamper.

Go with a bit of creativity

When buying a gift hamper, it is essential to use a bit of creativity in putting it together. When you are creative with your ensemble, it goes to show that you put your thought into the gift. This feels more personal to the recipient as opposed to getting the generic gift basket readily available in the market. Instead of going with the conventional gift basket for the base, you can choose some different options like a mixing bowl, champagne basket, beverage tubs, or plastic totes, among other choices. An important factor to consider when selecting a hamper container is sturdiness.

The hamper size matters

When choosing the contents of your gift basket, you need to pick items of different sizes and types. This size variation is important as it brings out the uniqueness of the basket. The items in the basket should also vary in texture to bring out a unique balance in your basket. Also consider including a few handmade pieces like customized wine glasses, handcrafted bottle stoppers, or unique cork craft.

Fill the basket

The idea of gifting someone with a hamper is to give a filled one. Never give out a hamper that is not full. To ensure this is done, you need to consider the number of gifts you want to include in the hamper and use this to get the ideal container size. If you are clueless about how to fill a basket, is the place to go. You will find well done, full gift baskets that are ready for shipping. You can also get a customized hamper on the site that suits the recipient’s needs and your budget.

For a deep basket, you can raise the bottom part using a new towel or blanket, which will make part of the gift. You can request help from the gift vendors if you are not sure about what to use to raise the base of the basket.

With these tips, you will be able to buy the perfect gift hamper for any occasion.






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