Scary But Creative Makeup Examples by Sophia Chasin

Makeup can be turned into a kind of art once creative minds put their talented hands on it. They can channel their imagination in any field and they are free to choose the material to express their art. Makeup artists regard the face as their canvas and play with it as they wish. Sophia Chasin is one of those artists who prefers her own face as the surface of her art and her lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, highlighters, etc. becomes her paint. She can easily transform herself into a Russian nesting doll, Snow White, the easter bunny of your nightmares, a robot, and many more. She loves to paint herself in various themes and her creativity overflows on special days and festivals especially Pride Day and, undoubtedly, Halloween. She captions one of her Halloween looks as follows; “My dog barked at me with the makeup on so I think I did a pretty good job. Also I think it should be known that I’m wearing a cardigan over a pillowcase.” She gets inspired by many other makeup artists on Instagram, as she mentions about them in some of her photos, she is also fond of well-known artists and their famous paintings as you can see in the first photo in our gallery. “The water-lily pond… This look is inspired by Claude Monet’s famous painting and impressionism in general. I may do more makeup inspired by other paintings in the future because this was fun!” she states under this fabulous makeup art. We’ve handpicked some of our favourite makeup creations by Sophia Chasin and showcased here for your eyes only. Hope you find them as interesting as we do! Remember to share your thoughts in the comment box below.