How to Order Goods from China by Mail?

Sending goods from China by mail is the most popular way of delivering packages. Postal services are inexpensive, and at the same time, you can constantly track the purchase order, and be sure when the package arrives in your city. But it is worth bearing in mind that due to various circumstances, the time of arrival may be longer or shorter than indicated.

From China, you can order a variety of products: household goods, clothing, cosmetics, electronics, and more. Any product online stores around the clock available for ordering.

How to order goods from China?

It is best to use the official postal services of China, which will be responsible for any of your cargo and will be careful with it.

Advantages of this service:

Note that in the PRC some sellers may not cooperate with private courier services and shipping companies.

To buy goods from China it is necessary:

  • find suitable products from the catalog of the store;
  • Fill out the order form on the website;
  • specify the exact address of the recipient with the zip code, which will determine the post office to receive the parcel;
  • Select the option that will pay for the parcel: will make a prepayment and pay for the order cash on delivery;
  • complete the order.

How to order goods from China by mail cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery is a system of payment for products without prior money transfer. When you receive a parcel, you first hand the money to the branch worker and then pick up your parcel from the warehouse. You will not have the opportunity to see the contents of the parcel first and then pay for it.

After the Chinese goods arrive at the postal terminal, you will receive a notification in your mailbox. If you do not receive the order on time, you will be notified again.

The storage period for the item in the warehouse is 30 days. If during this time you do not pick up the ordered item, it will be sent to the seller.

The nuances of buying goods from China with the cash on delivery:

  • Issuance of the object only in the hands of the customer. The purchase can be picked up by the person to whom the documentation is drawn up. Unauthorized people will not pick up the order.
  • Payment for the product at the time of receipt. This is the most important advantage of cash on delivery because you see what you are buying in person.
  • Cancellation of the item. If you change your mind and don’t want to pick up the parcel, you don’t have to come to the branch to pick it up. The order will be sent back, you will not have to pay for transportation costs.

Cheap ways to deliver goods from China

At the moment it is most convenient to order parcels from China in bulk, in which case transportation will be free.

Courier services, through which you can bring purchases:

China Post. This is a public delivery service. Parcels are transported by planes. Parcels are delivered this way for a long time, but with minimal financial costs. You can buy a barcode for your order. If you pay for the service of sending your order with a barcode, then you can not doubt that your package will not be lost on the way.

Singapore Post. There is a representative office of this courier service in China. The main office is located in Singapore. The company specializes in the delivery of items weighing up to 2 kilos. Delivery time for packages to Russia is up to 30 days. The courier service will provide a special code for you to track your shipment.

Hongkong Post. A transportation company with its head office in Hong Kong. They deliver goods to our country within no more than 30 days. They issue a code to track your parcel.

Swiss Post. This Swiss company has its office in China. Shipping is faster by 5-7 days in comparison with Chinese shipping companies. But the cost of service will be several times more. You will have the opportunity to order a courier, who will bring the order to any specified address.