Super Pretty Cookies Handmade with Love by SaraKay

Washington DC based SaraKay is the girl behind the stand mixer and creates these extremely lovely cookies. She is a self-taught cookie decorator but she attended a culinary school and this experience helped her gain the discipline of a chef. She tells about her cookie story as follows; “I decorated my first cookie in May 2017 and became a full time cookier In October 2017. I started as a home baker and eventually moved to selling in a coffee shop and then opened my own brick and mortar cookie boutique in November 2019.” She soon entered the network of cookie decorators and has been cooperating with them to learn from each other. “”Many other cookie decorators have helped me in my journey and I will be forever grateful. I show gratitude by helping others when I can. My favorite part of cookies are the friendships I have made with my clients and other cookie decorators.” She loves binging old episodes of Dexter and the Office on Netflix while she is decorating her cookies. She can create cookies in various shapes and styles them flawlessly each of which looks super pretty in the end. Wanna see them now? Just scroll down!