Splendid Wedding Photography Examples by Poppy Carter

Poppy Carter is a portrait photographer that specialises in families & weddings. Photography has always been her passion since she was a child and she is lucky enough to now have her dream job. She is married to love of her life and has one son, Isla and her family is her greatest source of inspiration. Poppy has a chat with her clients before the photoshoot session about how they can create beautiful images to cherish forever. “Capturing your wedding means capturing the mood & the vibe of the day too… Not just how it all looks but how it feels.” she says, adding that; “The sweetest little moments that mean the world…I love capturing every detail of your perfect day. All the little connections and in-between moments mean just as much as the ‘big’ moments.” When asked which part of the wedding she loves capturing the most, she answers as follows; “Bridal Preparations are always such an exciting moment in the day… All the anticipation and excitement of getting ready surrounded by your favourite people. I always love capturing the bride’s face when they open a present or note from their soon to be husband. A magical moment that is always so special.” If your wedding day is approaching and you still haven’t found a photographer, Poppy Carter can be who you are looking for. Just take a look at her splendid captures.