Pink, Bohemian and Eclectic Home Interior by Salomé Maisonnoire

As the weather is getting warmer and warmer (at least for the ones who live in the south), we turned our eyes on pastel colours to adapt with the changing season. Montreal, Quebec, Canada based Salomé Maisonnoire has one of our favourite Instagram accounts who showcases about her bohemian-pink apartment flat interior. She has a 800 square feet apartment and has been living there for 11 years now. She is enthusiastic about decorating, drawing funny colorful faces, and treasure hunting in Montreal thrift shops. She identifies herself as a maximalist who loves pink and mixing and matching prints, patterns, and textures. Her home definitely has a maximalist, bohemian, eclectic, color therapy characteristic reflecting her unique taste. When asked about her favorite room in her article for Apartment Therapy, she replied as follows; “The pink bedroom is my favorite room because of all the light that gets in it. I could spend days reading a good book there with the sun shining through the window.” They also wondered about the last thing she bought for her place and she answered; “Not long ago, I bought a giant patchwork made of old Indian saris (the traditional outfit that women wear in India). It’s mostly pink with embroidered pearls. I hung it in the living room. I also found some big art pieces, made by famous Montreal street artist Zilon, in the street just in front of my house, a few years back. I picked them up just before the garbage collectors arrived, not knowing what they were at the time.” And she advices all decoration lovers not to be afraid of using colors in their own places. If you are fond of bohemian style, you must see her highly inspiring feed full of colors. Now scroll down, and indulge yourself in Salomé’s dreamy interior photos.


Source: Apartment Therapy