How to Build a Girl Boss Wardrobe

The term Girlboss has become synonymous with powerful, strong women taking over the business world and has expanded even beyond that — to reveal unique, dynamic women making their mark on the world in whatever way they choose. Their style is undoubtedly a part of what ties the entire girl boss energy together.

Fashion is one of the most powerful ways women express themselves because there are so many avenues to choose from. The ability to put together a cool wardrobe can significantly change your confidence levels for the better.

To embody the girl boss energy, let’s begin with the clothes you put on your body before you step out the door.

Start with the Basics

Your basics are a key part of any wardrobe because they allow you to build on their simplicity. Your basics act as your canvas, and from there, you can paint your own picture, whether it’s of soft muted colors or bold prints.

Typically, your basics include these key items — a white button-down shirt, a pair of black pants, a quality pair of denim, and a timeless coat. These pieces are the starting point — giving you the freedom to plan your palette around your basics. A white button-down could be paired with a bold two-piece suit or a pair of boyfriend denim for a more casual look. It can help you transition from the boardroom to the bar without any wavering confidence.

Don’t Shy Away from Accessories

Accessories are one of the best ways to let your personality shine on any outfit. They’re especially great when they’re paired with one of your classic basics. These can range anywhere from scarves and jewellery to tie-dye Azzyland accessories like masks and phone cases.

The idea of adding accessories is to tailor your outfit to be as subtle or as loud as you want. A true girl boss embraces her personal style and uses items like earrings and handbags to add the right amount of color and texture to their outfit.

If you prefer a more neutral pallet, invest in a quality watch with a leather strap for instant style. If you’re not afraid to add color, throw a patterned scarf or a chunky necklace and be bold.

Be Bold with Blazers

Blazers used to be a stuffy item in the closet that was only worn in by bankers and lawyers. These days, women have taken the blazer and turned it into a staple of girl boss style. Blazers now come in tailored fits and boyfriend styles, which offer a more relaxed fit.

Adding a blazer to your outfit doesn’t mean sacrificing style or fun. Try a bold red or pink to bring your neutrals to life. Or go for a herringbone pattern for a classic look. We love adding blazers to our outfits because they can pair perfectly with dresses, skirts, tailored or boyfriend-style pants.

Becoming a girl boss means working with confidence, which means embracing who you are and using your style to project that to the world. Start shopping!