Ruby Silvious Creates Tiny Masterpieces on Used and Stained Tea Bags

New York based artist, Ruby Silvious, has found an interesting and pretty unique way to express her feelings. Those tea bags that you throw away after drinking tea, well those little pieces of paper are her canvases. She came up with an idea to create a project called “363 Days of Tea”, during which she’s expressing her feelings and thoughts each day. OF course, there are variety of feelings presented on these old tea bags, depending on Ruby’s personal mood, from whimsy and happy ones such as seductive lady in a yellow dres, to the darker ones, like the lonely man beside the window. There are some abstract ones, where we can’t actually figure out the exact what the artist is feeling, but that is kind of the point of this project, this is her diary. Ruby manages to draw and paint some extraordinary and tiny landscapes, with amazing details. It’s like she has no problem with space on her little canvases. Besides drawing and painting, Ruby also forms collages on these tea bags, and that is just remarkable, considering the size of them. Ruby has received numerous rewards for this exceptional work, and she’s not over yet. She completed 2/3 of this beautiful project, so we are in for a lot more of these tiny masterpieces.

via (mymodernmet)
via (mymodernmet)

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