Romantic Boho-Chic Bridal Dresses by Inbar Freiman

Israeli designer Inbar Freiman was graduated from Shenkar College of Fashion Design and specialized in wedding and evening dress design. Soon after her education, she worked with the leading Israeli designers in the industry to gain experience and create her own style. In 2015, she founded her own bridal studio in Kfar Ruth with the vision to create a combination of art & fashion using textures & materials that integrate perfectly and create a meticulous design language. Her style is defined as “a unique combination of boho-chic and romantic motifs, while uncompromisingly maintaining meticulous quality and couture standards, clean, elegant silhouettes and comfortable designs that complement the feminine figure and move perfectly with the body, creating a sophisticated, effortless look.” She prefers the finest fabrics: French lace, natural silk and chiffon, and ornamented with beads and delicate patterns featuring a variety of unique textures, transparencies and geometric cuts for all her dresses depending on the design. As stated on their website; “Inbar and her team closely oversee each dress, maintaining uncompromising quality control down to the smallest detail, creating a work of art that envelops the bride, making her breathtaking on her special day.” You’ll surely find inspiration in her collection for your own dream day, so never wait to see our gallery and comment about your favourite one!


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