Remarkable 100% Historically Accurate Miniature Rooms from Different Eras by Chris Toledo

Chris Toledo of Toledo Miniatures is the most patient genius you’ll find on Earth. “When creating my miniature pieces, the process can take from one month to almost two years to create a single piece,” Chris reveals in an interview with bored panda. The artist had a love for architecture and art from his early age. Today he lives and works his dream. For each model, he does extensive research of the era and time period he’s recreating. “Over the years I’ve collected home plans and building guides from the early 20th century to make sure my pieces are 100% accurate representations of the past.” The process is very similar to the process of building an actual house/room. “I start with simple layout drawings to make sure everything flows cohesively and harmoniously.” After that Chris creates a more detailed blueprint that he constructs on a 3D computer modeling program, helping him to visualize and notice needed corrections before the construction process begins. Using table saw and a hand saw made specifically for miniatures, the tools seem also very similar to the tools used in real house constructions. Fascinated by this form of art over 20 years, Chris has been creating masterpiece after masterpiece, having fun and making his career more impressive each day. “With miniatures, the possibilities are truly endless and you’re only limited by your own imagination.”

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Miniature masterpieces by Chris Toledo

He needs from 1 month to almost entire year to finish 1 piece

He does extensive research of the era before he starts to make sure it’s 100% historically correct

He uses table saw and a hand saw made specifically for creating detailed miniatures

The process is very similar to the process of building a real house/room

You can see the scale of everything here and it’s simply absurd how detailed it is!

via [boredpanda]

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