Reception Desks for Visitors Set up at Five Stores

A reception desk is typically used for answering the phone, greeting customers, handling transactions, and scheduling appointments. There are different types of desks with a wide variety of materials, options, sizes, and styles that meet all needs. It depends on what kind of impression you want to make. A desk that goes with your storefront and ecor will make the entire business room look great and allow your desk to stand out to new and existing customers.

Salon Desk

A salon desk isn’t necessarily made for salons. It’s just as ideal for any storefront since they come in a wide variety of materials and shapes since they’re designed to be stylish and bold. Salon desks are made with materials such as glass, leather, and metal. There are as many circular and curved desks as there are ones with straight lines and sharp edges.

In most storefronts, customers will be dealing with the receptionist who’s working the front desk. That means the receptionist will need plenty of counter space. While the counter space doesn’t have to be wide, it should provide plenty of area for clients to book a new appointment, rest their belongings, or write out a check.

The salon desk also needs enough room for the employees to sit and make appointments in an appointment book or on the computer. It should also have space for a keyboard tray since it can free up space. Space and holes for electrical cords and phones are other important features to consider. Plus, there should be room for desk accessories and organizers.

Spa Desk

Like salon desks, spa desks aren’t made just for spas. They’re similar in design and style to salon desks. These desks are made for answering the telephone, greeting customers, providing tours of the store, scheduling appointments, and taking payments. That means these desks aren’t as big in size.

They have enough space to accommodate two or more employees. There’s also plenty of room for brochures, transactions, and customers to lean on. Some may come with a lockable drawer that’s needed to secure money and other important items. If your store wants to sell products at the front desk, a product display panel is an important feature to consider. You should also consider a cabinet or shelving behind the desk to keep some of that extra inventory on hand.

These types of desks are very modern and stylish. They’re sometimes made of materials such as glass and metal on the drawers and on the counter.

L-Shaped Desk

Another good option for a storefront is an L-shaped desk. These desks are shaped like a capital L that provides two workspaces instead of one. These workspaces are often perpendicular to each other. Some designs have two desks that are equal in length, while others consist of a long one and a short one.

This is a great alternative if you already purchased a desk for your storefront and you realize that you need additional space. Some desks may include drawers or a file cabinet. Most L-shaped reception desks come together so you don’t have to purchase additional pieces. The most common setup for L-shaped desks is to have the computer and its accessories in one area and another area reserved for work.

Curved Desk

A curved desk provides your storefront with a different look. These desks are sometimes referred to as a round desk because they look curved or round in nature. These modern designs tend to curve outwards. Curved desks are popular in most kinds of storefronts.

Most business owners overlook curved desks because they think they’re too expensive. Despite how expensive they look, they’re affordable in price. In fact, curved desks are cheaper than most other reception desks on this list. A curved desk is appealling to businesses because it adds design to any casual atmosphere.

Another benefit of curved desks is that they look best in corners. They can transform an otherwise boring area into the focal point of the business. Receptionists love to work at a curved desk because it’s easier to get around as opposed to L-shaped or U-shaped desks. One popular style is to incorporate a curved desk with wood veneer since it combines classic wood with modern design.

U-Shaped Desk

The U-shaped desk gets its name because it’s in the shape of the capital U. Unlike most desks that provide only one or two workspaces, a U-shaped desk provides three. This is a great choice for a storefront that has a large front area or waiting room. Since they’re larger than the other desks they cost more money.

Despite the large size, most reception desks have more than one counter. The counter typically forms along the length of the desk in a U-shape. Some desks have two counters will others will have three. There are some designs that include an extension or panel that provides the receptionist with the privacy they need.

Modern Desk

A modern desk can enhance the look and feel of any storefront. They’re typically know for their simple function and sleek lines. While most modern desks are curved in design, they can also come in an l-shape, u-shape, or a traditional shape with a modern design. The common types feature a high gloss finish with counters and glass panels made out of different colors.

Other desks combine metal with wood. And there are some modern desks that have glass panels that light up from the inside. While there is a wide variety of modern desks, they typically come in black or white, or sometimes both.

White Desk

A white desk is striking. There are many designs and styles to choose from. That’s because the other types of desks in this list are limited to a few materials while a white desk provides you with more options. The most commonly used white desks include white laminate or white wood veneer.

A white desk with a high gloss finish can make any storefront look modern. There are even some desks that feature white leather or fur. You can make a white desk stand out with black décor, flooring, furniture, walls, or office furniture. White also goes with an all-white office as well.

Black Desk

A black desk provides plenty of style and design opportunities. Black laminate is the cheapest option with the simplest design. A desk that comes in black espresso, black solid wood, or black wood veneer is attractive as it allows you to see the grain of the wood. Leather is even looks good with a black reception desk, especially when use with granite or marble.

Play with the contrast of black and white to display your company logo above your desk. There are some desks that allow you to incorporate white into the design. Black desks also look great when mixed with glass, metal accents, and natural wood. You can make a black desk really shine by contrasting it with white décor.

The right reception desk for your storefront will have your customers flocking to your business. Choose accordingly when trying to find the right one for your business. With a wide variety of designs, materials, shapes, sizes, and styles, you’ll enjoy the buying process. To shop for desks, check out the website.

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