Realistic Portraits Made with Fruits and Vegetables

Polish artist and photographer Anna Tokarska made her name through creating amazing and much lovable realistic portraits composed mostly out of fruits and vegetables. The obvious inspiration behind her work are the paintings of 16th century Italian mannerist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, famous for his incredibly imaginative portraits made out of fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and books. Anna devoted one month of her work for this intriguing set of eight photographs. “Each one was built vertically with great care, measuring from 50-80cm, and then photographed, Anna wrote.” You can follow her work on her official Facebook page where you can learn more about her life, her passion and her studio.

Magnificent creative work by Anna Tokarska

Inspired by great Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s work

Each one was built vertically with great care

Measuring from 50-80cm

He thinks he is so cleaver, doesn’t he?

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