Talented Bakery Chef Creates Amazing Cookies in All Themes

Santa Cruz native Randi Rayes is a talented pastry chef, currently based in Sacramento, CA and lives with her husband and two kids. When she graduated from high school, her dream was to become a pastry chef. She enrolled in culinary school and started working at a local bakery. “As many stories go, life had other ideas. A marriage, two kids, a move across the state, and several years later, I finally decided to go for it!” she states on her blog. She has always been artistic and crafty. Merging her artistic hand with her love for baking has lead to a lot of tasty creations. She says; “For as long as I can remember, entertaining and feeding people has been my love language. Once I found cookies, I was able to turn my love for food into a way to help provide for my family. Now I get to share my passion with you!”, she also adds; “From my family to yours, I hope that you get as much joy out of my cookies as I get from making them for you. They say it’s all in the details, but in cookies, “It’s all in the icing!””. From festival like Thanksgiving, Halloween, to special occasions like gender reveal, birthdays and wedding ceremonies, she is extremely talented at custom-made cookies specially tailored for your taste. Wanna see her sweet creations now? Just scroll down!