Rainbow-Like Rubbish Art by Angela Sikiric⁣

Before talking about the impressive art work of Angela Sikiric, let us introduce you SplashTrash that we’ve recently discovered on Instagram. They connect people who are harnessing the power of art to save our oceans. They have more than 200 artists from 44 countries and the number of artists rises everyday. “After every storm, there’s always a rainbow” says Australia based Angela Sikiric⁣, the name behind this fantastic series. “I am lucky to have lived near the beach my whole life.I have always picked up rubbish whenever I would see it washed up on shore. Mainly because of when my kids were little, I didn’t want them to cut their foot on broken glass etc.” she states about herself. When asked about why she took up such a hobby and turned this into an artistic series, she answered as follows; “The reason I started posting my trash find was to make people more aware of the problem and hopefully it will inspire others to pick up rubbish when they see it. Every bit helps, it’s sad to think that soon there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.⁣” We love this kind of extraordinary ways to raise awareness against pollution and showcase them on our blog. Below you can find our selection of Angela’s rainbow-like rubbish art. Enjoy!

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