Rachel is a Yoga Instructor Who Has the Cutest Partner Ever

Doing yoga is fun and good for you, we all know that, but what happens when you do yoga with your pet? And what if that pet is an adorable little black goat? Well, that must be awesome! Rachel Brathen is a recognized yoga instructor and she has a little goat friend named Penny Lane. These to love to do yoga together and it’s simply adorable. Rachel got Penny as a present from her husband Dennis and since then, Penny and Rachel are inseparable. They go to walks together, the workout together, they basically do everything together. Dennis and Rachel also run an animal shelter together, so it’s fair to say that they now how to take care of animals. If you like these photos, you can visit this Instagram profile in order to enjoy more photos of this cute goat.


They love to take their walks together.


Time for a little bit of refreshment.


Two best friends doing yoga in the nature.


Sometimes Penny just wants to chill on a yoga mat.

via (boredpanda)

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