20 Quotes of Wisdom for Book-Lovers

“A room without books is like a body without a soul,” Marcus Tullius Cicero’s more than an era old quote that still speaks the truth as the day he said it. The destination and the journey. The life lessons that stay with you forever. Eagerness and uncertainties and moments when the words strike so hard they leave you breathless. Those brilliant minds of the greatest authors have given us many exceptional quotes and today my 3 favorites from below are Neil Gaiman’s, Haruki Murakami’s and Toni Morrison’s. Tell us what you think and what your favorites are. There are too many ingenious authors’ quotes to even slightly do them a justice, but here is our attempt to share with you a couple of them. We hope you’ll enjoy their eternal wisdom, humor and the truth that they all so powerfully represent.

Still doomed with a browser history…

There’s no stoping.

Life lesson No. 1

Encouragement for young writers.


Life lesson No. 2

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