Grace Chon Captures Amazing Before and After Photos of Adorable Dogs

We all love good “before and after” stories. Extreme makeovers were and always will be an interesting topic, especially when animals are the ones being transformed. Grace Chon is a photographer who is also fascinated by before and after stories, so she decided to create a whole project based on this phenomenon. Her project is called “Hairy” and it’s packed with adorable photos of dogs before and after they were washed and groomed in Japanese style. Grace collaborated with talented groomers at Healthy Spot in Los Angeles, and most of them specialize in Japanese-style cuts. This form of grooming is a bit more exciting than standard haircuts. Before they came to Healthy Spot, these adorable dogs were covered with dirty and untamed hair, but after the makeover, their fur was simply fabulous and overall results were amazing. You can see for yourself.

Amazing work by groomers at Healthy Spot, LA.


Yuki: Before And After

Grooming: Alyson Ogimachi

Athena: Before And After

Grooming: Donna Owens

Biggie Smalls: Before And After

Grooming: Cameron Adkins

Herman: Before And After


Lana: Before And After

Grooming: Koko Fukaya

Raider: Before And After

Grooming: Koko Fukaya

Rocco: Before And After

Grooming: Patricia Sugihara

Teddy: Before And After

Grooming: Donna Owens - via (mymodernmet)
 via (mymodernmet)

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