Product Stylist Passionately Creates Visual Stories

Singapore based product stylist Allison Goh is passionate about creating and celebrating creativity through styled content and she regards this as a type of visual story telling. She uses her camera to help different types of businesses to promote their products, services or brands in an unstructured and natural style and to let their story be told. She tells her own story as follows; “I have a big love for creating pretty scenes in little squares. I didn’t always do what I’m currently doing now – I was a medical scientist back in Perth, spent my days looking down microscopes in a big white coat. Together with my husband, we moved to Singapore three years ago and I started IMEHLY where I let my love for styling fill my days.” She generally uses her iPhone to capture the flatlay portraits she creates. She prefers dark and moody tones and adding some pops of colours to her scenes. She says in one of her interviews that; “My flatlays used to be made up of many random objects in one little square without actually having a story/theme. It has definitely evolved since, and each image is now more thought through instead of just random things coming together.” She also adds “I like working with nature such as flowers and fruits – it’s the only reason I make trips to the grocery store. I do however have a huge collection of props which I buy whenever I go on holiday. Flea markets are the best places for styling props.” An ordinary black table cloth can become the backdrop of a loaf of bread and a few strawberries, a couple of glasses accompany it to create a flawless flatray portrait. Below you can see some of Allison’s brilliant captures and you can follow her on Instagram for more.

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