Jim Bachor Patches up Cracks and Potholes With His Stunning Art All Over Chicago

Meet Jim Bachor, a former ad agency creative director from Chicago who became an artist with a noble mission. He decided to go around the beautiful city of Chicago and fill out the cracks in the pavement by producing marvelous and colorful artwork. He patches up horrible potholes by creating lovely mosaics. Jim says he started practicing this ancient technique because he was inspired by the legendary town of Pompei. This form of art can withstand colossal destruction and annihilation, so he hopes his artwork will stay untouched for many years to come. Shortly after TV crews and newspapers noticed him, Jim became rather popular in Chicago. Now, he’s filling out cracks and potholes with his lovely art all over this beautiful city.

Lovely flowers.


Clever and beautiful.

Potholes have never been more fun.


His work is truly amazing.

Jim was inspired by the legendary city of Pompei.

Mmm, ice cream.

via (cbsnews)

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