Portraits of Women with Elements of Calm Alongside Calamity

Soey Milk finds that inspiration for her paintings can come from anywhere, and so she tries to be cognizant of when an idea arrives. “My process usually starts from a tiny scribble. Most times, I’m thinking about something and it comes to life on a piece of napkin.” She doesn’t sit down at a desk and plan out her work, and it’s this openness – that her art is inspired by her everyday existence – that makes the pieces so personal. She does this by implementing visual push and pull in all of her works. Some parts of the composition, such as the faces of her subjects, are tightly rendered in a realistic style while the backdrops are gestural with visible brushstrokes and paint drippings. The results are compelling images that invite you to consider the motifs embedded in the artist’s work. Be sure to follow Soey Milk’s Instagram Page for more art and more information.

“For the Times I Could Not Use My Breath”

All Image Credits, Instagram: soeymilk

“Noname My Heart”

“Silver Dagger Headdress”


“The Life Between Words”


“Panicle Mist: Blue and Mauve”

“Green and Gold”

“Thoughts to Make Love to and Sleep With”

via [mymodernmet]