21 Brilliant Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom with Plants

For us, decorating any place with plants is always better and easier than decorating with store bought objects. If you think the same, keep reading as this post addresses you. Decorating your bathroom with plants is a smart idea to create your own personal oasis. A bathroom is a warm and humid place which means an ideal environment for plants that love moisture and heat and can survive in low light. Air plants are the best for bathroom which don’t need soil and can get most of the water they need from the air. They should not be placed in soil, and they love bright, indirect sunlight, or artificial light, and require good air circulation. Besides air plants, some other popular plants ideal for bathroom are fiddle-leaf fig, orchid, begonia, snake plant, bamboo, aloe vera, etc. You can choose among one or more of them depending on your style and the arrangement you want to create. There are various ways to place them in your bathroom. You can simply hang them from the ceiling or use a hook to keep them right at eye level. If this is your choice, you should opt for something flowy that will fill up the space. Another way to incorporate plants to your bathroom is using shelves which gives you enough space to combine your plants with other decorative objects like some scented candles or baskets. Some people prefer placing their plants just beside their bathtube which is perfect for the ones who enjoy spending time in warm water and feels like bathing in a tropical forest. To make long story short, we compiled 21 photo-ideas that showcase brilliant ways to decorate your bathroom with plants.

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