Popular Sodas as Human Cartoon Characters

“Each of the artworks took me about two hours to complete and since I have 14 of them, I’ve spent about 28 hours on this project,” says the artist going by the name Sillvi. Born in Korea, now living in Canada, Sillvi has come up with the idea to create characters from most famous sodas. How would CocaCola or Sprite look like if they were humans? Would you hang out with them? “Artistically, I’ve been experimenting with various different themes that encourage engagement on social media. I came to the conclusion that people react better to things that they are already familiar with, for example, pre-existing characters, logos, and so on. So, I’ve decided to put my own twist on famous soft drink brands to make them even more unique. “While developing my characters, I mostly focused on two elements: the aesthetics of the logo itself and the taste of the soda. I also drank a few of them before drawing their characters. I like Barq’s Root Beer the most. I would definitely want to be friends with that guy.” What’s your favorite soda persona? Does any of them remind you of you or someone you would like to be friends with? For more of Sillvi’s work check out his Facebook page, Instagram and official website where you can buy his merch.

By Korea-born, Canadian-based artist Sillvi

Fanta just wanna have fun

Sillvi needed just 28 hours to complete 14 soda characters

Elegant, striking, perfect

Dr. Pepper – you either like him or you hate him

He must be hiding something…

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