Japanese Photographer Brings Popular Action Figures to Life

We all love action figures of our favorite superheroes, right? What’s not to like? However, it would be even cooler if these figures could move and be alive. Unfortunately, that is impossible, at least it was until now. Japanese photographer Hot.kenobi gives life to his action figures by capturing them in a stunning fashion. He creates both surreal and everyday situations for Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and Disney characters and photos are just amazing. He recreates legendary battles between Batman and The Joker, but he also creates scenarios where these beloved characters are destroying soda cans. Hulk is the one who especially loves that part. Enjoy these whimsical photos and if you like his work, make sure to follow this Japanese photographer here.


Best buddies.

The Amazing Spiderman vs the soda can!

Party time.

I would love to see this fight.

What a bromance.

This Stormtrooper is a cat person.

You gotta catch them all!

Best friends forever!

Use the force, Lord Vader!

“How do you do that???”

via (boredpanda)

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