Playful Pet Illustrations For Children by Selina Elena

Selina Elena is the name behind this brilliant art pieces who currently lives in Saint-Petersburg. She draws vibrant pet illustrations and many others for children’s books. In fact, her starting point of her career wasn’t drawing this type of pictures, she even found it hard to decide when she was offered to work on illustrations for the teaching manual for preschoolers “Diary of a Child”. As she says; “The illustrations were supposed to be black and white, which for me, so fond of color, was also a kind of way out of the comfort zone. But it was very interesting for me to work, namely, on illustrations for children! I made up my mind. I wanted to create something in the style of our old cartoons so kind and sweet to the heart, but with a modern sound.” From a duck family and a tomboy of ducklings jumping out of the nest to a cute cat learning to ski, a lovely bird with a flower crown on its head, she has a portfolio of various creative illustrations that will take you to your childhood. When asked about how she imagines and creates these art pieces, she replies; “After thinking about how to better imagine ordinary animals, so that it would be interesting for the children, I decided to “humanize” them a little. To draw not just one sheep, a goat, but a whole family, where it is clear that mothers look with tenderness and care at their cubs, and those, in turn, are happy and loved ones next to each other.” Now, let your eyes rest a little by browsing Selina’s extremely cute and playful illustrations for children.

“We all come from childhood, it is so important to give children a happy childhood, teach them to think, dream, teach social skills.”

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